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Current Desktop 060810 by takainotenchi
Mature content
Current Desktop 060810 :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 3 4
Mystical Simplicity by takainotenchi Mystical Simplicity :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 1 2 Goddess of Flash by takainotenchi Goddess of Flash :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 3 25 Chase The Stars by takainotenchi Chase The Stars :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 2 11
Mature content
Gray Skies :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 0 9
Demons and Angels
Fighting that
which cannot be seen. Always there.
Forever pushing.
Inner struggle. Outer calm.
You don't know me. I know you all too well.
You don't own me. You can't fight me.
Who is that? You know who.
Never certain. Always questioning.
That which
Loves Hates me.
Cures Destroys me.
Embraces Releases me.
Entrances Disgusts me.
Forgives Judges me.
I Cannot get enough.
Spinning in circles
Standing still
Looking up At who?
Looking in
Truth. Lies.
Lies. Truth.
Look inside.
Don't you see?
That is me.
:icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 1 0
Gokudera Test Cosplay by takainotenchi Gokudera Test Cosplay :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 4 27 The Butterfly by takainotenchi The Butterfly :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 1 17
Mature content
A Means to an End :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 1 6
Red Thread
Daja stared down at the red thread, tied neatly in a bow on his ring finger as he recalled the earlier events of the day while sitting on his bed.
"Now with this, you're my bride Daja!"
Daja hadn't had the heart to tell Caesar he was wrong, that in this case he would be the groom. Not with that blinding grin and sparkle in his eyes that followed his proclamation. All he could do at the time was blush and mumble something positive in response. He had kind of known that the other boy had had a crush on him for a while, but had never even dreamed he'd pull something like this.
And all because he didn't want Daja to ever go away.
Daja let out a soft chuckle, falling back on the upper part of the bunk bed. He glanced around the room thoughtfully. He shared this room with Caesar, the bunk bed bought shortly after Daja had moved into the house. He noted the stuffed animals and toys scattered about, including Caesar's beloved doll Julia. He supposed he should have found the boy weird. C
:icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 0 8
Queen of the Hill by takainotenchi Queen of the Hill :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 1 25 Butterfly Girl by takainotenchi Butterfly Girl :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 0 6 Sasha The Shadow Wolf by takainotenchi Sasha The Shadow Wolf :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 1 5 So not worth the Drama by takainotenchi So not worth the Drama :icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 0 3
I'm reaching.
I'm reaching for things I can't see, things I used to see, things I will see.
I'm reaching for warm hands and loving smiles
Caring embraces and soft spoken words
Tight embraces and carefree laughs
Sweet kisses and subtle blushes
Devious plans and kind nuzzles
Tears of joy and feelings of unrivaled love
Unbreakable vows and happy dreams
Bouquets of lilies and sappy cards
Romantic dinners and laughing children
Reaching, though the paths all around are dark and foreboding
Reaching, despite the aches and pains
Reaching, amongst the nightmares and fantasies
Reaching, aware of the possible failure to come
Despite it all, I still try
Try for the one thing I want more than anything else.
Someone, The One to complete me, to satisfy me.
I'm still reaching.
:icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 0 3
Morning Sickness
Something didn't feel right about today.
Shay woke up rather early to the sounds of the DVD he watched last night with Swordfish, the menu once again repeating itself for possibly the hundreth time. Exhausted, he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, moving carefully so as to not wake his lover sleeping next to him. After a few moments however, he doubled over slightly, clutching his stomach in pain as he felt a wave of nausea go through him. Confused, he laid back down and rubbed his stomach gently.
'Ugh, what did I have to eat last night?' He thought, glancing around the room. 'I'm pretty sure I didn't get drunk last night either.' As he continued to try and calm his stomach he winced, another wave of nausea bothering his stomach. After laying in the bed for a while, Shay's nausea grew worse to the point that he got out of bed and dashed off to the bathroom, feeling bile rise up his throat.
Swordfish woke up a while later, groping around for his lover's warmth only to find it absent.
:icontakainotenchi:takainotenchi 24 8

Random Favourites

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Model love
"Maya,Is the show starting soon?" Caesar asked,peering at the fairy woman next to him.
The woman looked over and smiled.
"Yes,you've been waiting for this day right?"Maya let out a little giggle,"You like to see Swordfish model?
Caesar laughed,running his hand through his blonde hair nervously.
"He looks pretty..."Caesar answered honestly,"I wanna be just like him."
Maya smiled and patted the boy on the head.
"You are much prettier than he is." She whispered before moving over to talk to Asta,who was in the seat infront of hers.
Caesar relaxed back,pulling his pants down a little more to get comfortable. He glanced over to the person next to him.
"Dwayne?" He asked.
The younger boy looked up,having been sketching in his notebook. He tilted his head. Caesar smiled at his brother,leaning over.
"You excited?"He asked excitedly.
Dwayne looked to the empty stage before them and shrugged. He began to write on his notebook before handing it over to Caesar.
'Nothing has happened yet' He wrote.
:iconoxis:Oxis 3 5
KH - Sora Valor Drive Form by SoraPaopu KH - Sora Valor Drive Form :iconsorapaopu:SoraPaopu 43 47 Moment of Respite by celesse Moment of Respite :iconcelesse:celesse 5,877 705 Tender Shall costume by morbidchildofthedark Tender Shall costume :iconmorbidchildofthedark:morbidchildofthedark 5 1 D.O.D: Tender Shall by celyne D.O.D: Tender Shall :iconcelyne:celyne 37 18 .Kakashi copy cat Anbu. by sakimichan .Kakashi copy cat Anbu. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,544 823


New journal entry WOW!
Ahaha, basically all this is is to report that I have a new da account, its :icontheorists:! It wont have anything up until next month most likely, and mostly will be for my cosplays and maybe some art here and there. But I hope that you'll follow me over there too to see what I come up with!

This account will still remain, mainly as a resource for my favorites and clubs and such , but I might be moving some of my things over there too. Hope you all are doing well!
  • Listening to: Tell Me - Wonder Girls
  • Reading: Various Artbooks
  • Watching: Durarara
  • Playing: Eternal Sonata
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: Juice


United States
Current Residence: Atlanta
Favourite genre of music: Experimental
Favourite style of art: Traditional, Colored pencils
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Wallpaper of choice: Pretty ones
Skin of choice: Outer Space themeed
Favourite cartoon character: Johnny Rayflo
Personal Quote: Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon. (TWEvaWY)



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PiggyNetworkCenter Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I read some of your work and I really like it, as well as your cosplay X3 I love Yoruichi ^^
dreamweaver69stock Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for adding butterfly to your favorites

:hug: Jeep
KayPikeFashion Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010  Professional Artist
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Happy Birthday!! <3 Sorry, but I don't think we will be able to go this weekend. ;.;
takainotenchi Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010
Aaah, thank you! And awww, that's okay! I know you'll both be there in spirit. :) I'll be sure to visit you both sometime soon though, I miss you guys!
Piperonni Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome! C:
Yeah, things were way too stressful yesterday... that and I got pretty sick. I still have a headache left over.
We miss you too! And you better!!~
iStoleYourChocobo Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010  Student Photographer
: DDDDD You better be at AWA!!
takainotenchi Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
:DDDDDD I will, like always! We should find each other and haaang. :3

What costumes are you bringing? :o
iStoleYourChocobo Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Student Photographer
*HUGS* I will see you there! What are you bringing so I can keep hunt out for you? XD

I'll have: Maqui (FFXIII) Anastasia (For the ball) Boa (One Piece) Gijinka Marill (PKMN duh :P) and Pit (Kid Icarus/SSBB/blahblah) ^^
takainotenchi Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
Yes! Your Maqui makes me wish I had my Fang done this year and not next, but hey there's always next time!

I'mma have Transformed Midna (Twilight princess), Myself in a ballgown for the ball, Saeko (highshool of the dead), Figumate Sweet Ocelot (metal gear) andd maybe Schoolgirl!Souji (Persona 4) :)
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